Guangdong Maoxin Machinery

Guangdong Maoxin mechanical equipment Co., Ltd. was founded in 2013, and is located in Qingxi Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province. It has been trained since the initial stage of its establishment. In recent years, the company has been operating steadily and steadily, accumulating excellent talents, training elites of various professional qualities, and continuing to develop automation equipment and roll material processing production line that meet the needs of the market , the customer's demand is the power of continuous research and development. Maoxin fully and detailedly grasps the customer's demand to provide a perfect machine upgrading plan. For customers with strict quality requirements, the better machine quality can be given.

The advantage of Maoxin is that it can manufacture  three-in-one feeder which combines  "servo", "leveling" and "material rack". The developed feeder can achieve the goals of "high efficiency", "humanization" and "automation", and focusing on the development of feeders for ultra-thin, ultra thick and ultra wide materials, providing 3C industry, covering consumer electronics, communication, automobile transportation, aerospace, etc  Excellent equipment can improve the working efficiency, increase the profits of enterprises, and create new industrial opportunities. Maoxin carries out the R & D plan with the concept of long-term investment, exchanges technology with Japan, introduces into the complete key core technology, and cooperates with the first-class R & D and manufacturing personnel of Maoxin to establish a new quality benchmark for the stamping and material feeding mechanism manufacturing industry in Taiwan.

Maoxin implements Japanese technology to the production line, uses Taiwan's complete and excellent processing system to supply flexible and rapid assembly demand of each machine, and ensures the customer's commitment to product quality and delivery time. The customer's demand is the best R & D power of Maoxin. Maoxin fully grasps the customer's demand, so as to provide the most perfect upgrading plan for the machine, take the world as the market, and accept the test of quality. Create a win-win situation for customers, employees and enterprises.